Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Steel Myself For the Reckoning

Chef pointed out something kinda cool the other day. I'm near the top of a google search! Woo hoo!! Okay, it's not me per se, but the blog because my current name is unique and puts my info at the top of the search, but I digress.

The phrase "steel myself for the reckoning" is what landed me at the top. How did Chef figure this out, you say? He was spell checking me. Didn't think "steel" was the right spelling for the instance and noticed that when he typed in the phrase, it was a visited link that came up. And because he knows how much of a geek I am, I had the computer plopped on my lap the other day and he said "open a google tab and enter 'steel myself for the reckoning'". I did and instantly shrieked!

Of course, when I did it then, I was at the top of the list and somehow today when I tried it I was second behind a yahoo post from 2006. What's up with that? Let me know where I fall.

On another note, I'm thinking of transferring my blog to wordpress. Any words of advice for me?

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