Thursday, July 28, 2011

Least Shocking News of the Football Season

Who saw this coming? (Um, everybody including me). Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler broke up. He called it off, but not before their wedding registry and a photo shoot of her modelling wedding dresses were already made public. Perhaps Hollywood could learn a thing or two about long engagements.

My favorite things about this are as follows:
  1. TMZ calling the wedding dress photo shoot pictures TRAGIC and SAD. Showing a kid a burnt down house and telling him its Disneyland is sad (Thanks, Jack Handy). What happened in Norway is tragic. This is just bad timing and poor planning.
  2. You could tell from the registry that it wasn't going to work. Too many items to make baked goods in (muffin pans, cookie sheets). Dude has diabetes. Ask for the salad spinner. Just saying.
  3. Sports Pages are following this. I always knew that sports were men's version of gossip pages, but when the two intersect, it not only reaffirms it, but it's glorious.
At least Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard breaking up can take some of the heat off them.


Misty said...

Kristen Cavallari is the dumbest of all dumb DUMB no-longer-famous-but-will-do-anything-to-stay-famous dumb girls. Did I mention that she was dumb?!

Hoosier Chick said...

I don't understand the appeal of her and most reality stars to be honest.


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