Wednesday, March 16, 2005

All I want is bracket fever

After nearly five days where standing upright was my day's biggest accomplishment, I went back to work today. For a while anyway. I have been working from home and going to metro council meetings while sick and so my boss has kindly suggested that I may leave at any time I feel it necessary to get my body's 14 hours of sleep.

Good news? My appetite is back and I'm hungry all the time now. Bad news? I can't smell or taste anything so I could be eating nothing of any culinary substance and be happy. On the bright side, Chef can fart as much as he wants and his desired torture effect is useless on me.

Chef is about a day behind me on the sickness scale and one would think that my miraculous recovery would be awe-inspiring, but I believe he still wants to curl up and die.

Hopefully by tomorrow the only thing we'll be suffering from is bracket fever.


Shera, Princess of Power said...

Or jungle fever

Swampy said...

That's actually rice paddy fever.

Chinkie said...

The hot new film from Spike Lee (pronounced Ree)... Rice Paddy Fever, starring me, as The Chink and, hmmm, Omar Epps as my sweet chocolate lover.


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