Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bitchball And Death

I'm a little tired of having to pretend in my office. Everyone has to do it to some person or another and this is the time of year when my pretending is at an all-time high. What am I pretending? I'm pretending to give a shit about women's basketball.

Every office has at least one or two people that it pays to be on their good sides. Not necessarily a boss, but maybe someone who has the ability to make your life a living hell on a whim. One such person in my office is fond of women's basketball, something that I detest. Even more excruciating is the fact that she also likes the University of Tennessee women's basketball. That particular shade of orange actually makes me either vomit a little in my mouth or have a mild seizure when I see it, which is all the damn time.

So, now this person comes into my office and actually seeks me out to talk to me about UT Women's basketball. I fear the wrath too much to stop her and hate the conversations too much to actually care. I hope I don't explode and actually blurt out something to allude to my loathing of bitchball.

I know there are many people out there that would get pissed at me for not liking women's basketball considering my gender. However, despite my belief in the equality of the sexes in many aspects, there are several types of females that I don't really like:
  • drivers
  • bosses
  • athletes

I guess I'm sexist.

On another note, with the whole Terry Schiavo case going on and her being 26 when it happened, I'm a little freaked out at the thought of a possible court case if I happened to go into a permanent vegetative state. So, if you're like me, here's a link to living wills in your state. Most states don't require a lawyer, just a couple of witnesses OR a notary public.

If you don't really want to save the world, but merely the life of a bunny. Check out Savetoby.com This guy has made nearly $20,000 by holding his rabbit for ransom. People will waste their money on anything.


Pantsless Kirkwood Guy said...

Terry Schiavo was 26. 2. 6.

Ashley said...

Just like Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. I am the whore of Babylon!

Precious Schultz said...

What? I think there is actually an inside joke that I am missing. This. is. a. foreign. feeling.
Someone help me.... oh God.

Ashley said...

No it's from the crazy guy on Kirkwood who came into Greetings and told me about his gay lover trying to kill him.

Shera, Princess of Power said...

He was 2. 7. Just like me and Ryan, and Jim Morrison. I think we should kill each other. It'll be romantic. I only have 3 weeks until Ryan turns 2. 8.

Robyn said...

I bet I know who it is who can't shut the hell up about UT basketball. Could it be the girl with the obnoxious T orange hair? Anywhooo...thanks for sending me the link to your blog. Good stuff - and a perfect way to look busy at work. Sweet.


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