Monday, March 07, 2005

I Failed the Taste Test

For some reason lately, people have been wanting to know what I think about the taste of their product. I know that March is National Nutrition Month, but I didn't know that it was also "Foist The Superiority of Your Product unto Innocent Consumers Month" too.

So it all started last Tuesday when I visited a drinking hole and was immediately approached by two barely 21 year-old girls who asked me to participate in a taste test. A beer taste test? It was my lucky day. Lucky indeed because I choose the beer they were promoting and thereby received a logo-embellished sock hat and a pair of fingerless gloves that would've made any homeless person jealous.

Yesterday when shopping at Kroger, I was approached to again do some taste testing. Considering the positive experience of the beer taste testing, it was an easy choice. A or B? It seems like a simple concept until you have a person who obviously has a favorite administering the taste test. Besides, I have constantly supported the Kroger brand in many arenas of food and other products (my two exceptions being toilet paper and cokes, the things that I will never buy storebrand on) and also constantly sang the praises of the lower priced items.

I sample the butter pecan ice cream. I chose B. Kroger brand was A. The store clerk looked at me and said "Yeah, the Kroger brand was A. That other stuff is Breyer's." I immediately felt like I had been called to the board with a boner or something. However, I was determined to carry on. I stopped by the sample table for the olive oil and after careful consideration, I picked....the name brand. I tried it with Wheat Crackers, spaghetti sauce and chicken tenders. All the same.

Apparently my love of all things Kroger does not include taste.

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Shera, Princess of Power said...

I guess that'll teach me to never take a taste test. I'd hate hate hate to find out that Kroger brand is inferior in anything but processed cheese product slices.


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