Monday, March 14, 2005

Diary of a Mad Theraflu Woman

Well, it finally happened. I was just gloating last week about not having had the "sickness" this year and then BAM! I get knocked on my ass. It started on Saturday with some body aches and a minor cough. By last night the cough was whopping and it took two doses of Nyquil to get some relief.

I even tried to go into work today, but that wasn't working either. So I collected my computer and a few stares and "Oh my God, don't take this the wrong way, but you look like shit" and headed out of there. Luckily, I have the Chef and he's taking good care of me. I was trying to remember the last time that I took a sick day, and I think this is my first time. Well, worth it to gorge myself on juice, overmedicate my symptoms and type out the last ramblings before the Theraflu kicks in and I'm drifting off.

Good night, my friends. I hope to wake up in time to watch '24' tonight. If not, I'll be up in time to watch IU play Vanderbilt on Wednesday night. That I can be sure of.

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