Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Digging In Deeper

How many people are reaping what they've sown? A buttload. This State Senator from Memphis, John Ford, is being investigated for using lobbyists' money for personal use, such as paying for his daughter's wedding. I know that weddings are expensive, but he could've whored it out like Star Jones. Just get some corporate sponsorship, start a web site and give everything back at the end. Here's the big kicker: Star Jones had TWO wedding gowns. One for the ceremony and one for the reception--both of which were strapless. I can't find more than one BRA at a time that fits, let alone TWO wedding dresses that need a STRAPLESS bra to fit my big ass. I'm just saying.

Anyway, come to find out that John Ford not only used lobbyists money for that, but also tried to get some lobbyist money for his defense team. Uh hello? Isn't that what had your ass in front of the ethics committee in the first place? Gas on the fire, my friend. Man needs a publicist more than Michael Jackson, because no amount of good press is going to help Michael now.

On another note, last night's Amazing Race two-parter rocked. I've fallen for the racing brothers. Despite the fact that Brian claims to be an actor/bartender and I'm still pissed that nearly ALL of the contestants from last season were "actors," I still like the pair. They're funny, pretty smart and haven't garnered any snarls from Lynn and Alex (those catty bitches). I'm still a fan of Rob & Amber, but I'm now leaning more for the boys.

I was ECSTATIC that the brothers beat Ray & Deana in the foot race last night. That couple was a more whining "Jonathan & Victoria"-lite. The Diet Coke of annoying Amazing Racers. Just one brain. Not quite bitchy enough. After coming in first in the previous leg (only because of a Fast Forward), they finally met their demise.

Between politics, Michael Jackson and Reality TV, reaping the crap crop has been entertaining this week.


Precious Schultz said...

Sorry, baby. I watched Alias. And it was good.
Watched the movie Closer last night. Very good ending. Makes me feel glad to be a woman. And Natalie Portman is hot. Don't look at me like that! You KNOW she is!

Robyn said...

Is it bad that I spend more time watching sappy chick flicks (last night was Runaway Bride) than living in the reality TV age? Have you heard about the new Surreal Life cast? Holy trainwreck, batman!


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