Thursday, March 17, 2005

Baseball been berry berry good to steroids

What a day for sports! Baseball players testify, basketballs go bouncing and it's St. Patrick's Day! Good times. I only wish that I could've seen the eye rolls when I heard the players say more than once "Consider the source" when referencing the tan lying man. Damn that Jose! He's making pseudo-Hispanics every where look bad.

The Congress asked Mark McGwire what his message would be to the public regarding steroids, and his reply was "Steroids are bad." In my head, that was followed up by a quick, "mmmkay."

On another note, did anyone else notice the mock-apology to Muslim-Americans on '24' this week? Having two proud Americans, with a Muslim or otherwise non-specific Middle Eastern descent, stand with Jack Bauer and defend against those "responsible for today's terror attacks" with shotguns? Anybody else notice the American flag draped across one of the counters?

When the hell will they get new episodes of 'Lost' back on the air? Anyone notice that Hurley's lottery numbers when added together equal 48, the number of crash survivors? Me neither, but I thank Entertainment Weekly for pointing it out.

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