Monday, November 14, 2011

Breaking Dawn Dilemma

I also spontaneously break
out in songs about what I'm
doing at the moment. 
Fine. I'll begrudgingly admit that I have seen and read all the Twilight series iterations. I read them all and they were pretty bad. The story was fairly interesting, but the details and the characters bugged the shit out of me. Mostly it is Bella. The whiny, "I'm not good enough for Edward" routine is pretty tired. Could we not have a heroine that had some balls? Perhaps that explains my preference for The Hunger Games series. I hope the movies don't suck.

But I digress. For some reason, lately I've been enjoying watching Twilight. Fx has been playing it and I've got it on the bedroom DVR. I start it out before I doze off and enjoy it. Mostly the cheesy puppy love stuff. I don't know if I'm more romantic or less as I've gotten older, but I enjoy a good doze of cheesiness now more than I did before.  And now you know my secret shame. Not so secret any more.

Chef volunteered to go see Breaking Dawn with me. I'm debating whether or not to take him up on the offer. People here are going nuts for the movie. There's a whole camping area outside of the venue of the premiere. Yesterday morning I saw a news piece where the reporter interviewed two people who had come from Florida to camp out for nearly a week to get a glimpse of Robert Patinson and Kristen Stewart as they walk the red carpet. That seems like a drastic measure.

Anyway, how much would I owe Chef if I make him endure Breaking Dawn in the theaters? What's the proper amount of payback for a movie like that? I like to know what I'm going to owe going in.


Julie Anne said...

You totally know what you are going to owe him. Make a quick flight to Nashville and come watch it with me. After making Joey sit through Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, he finally said hell no. Looks like I'm going to try to catch a matinee to maybe avoid all the tweens. Then it will just be creepy stay at home moms.
At least I can drag him to the Hunger Games.

Misty said...

I have never, ever, not one single time seen or read a Twilight book. And I'm damn proud of it!

Hey Julie, I'll babysit Miles! xoxo

Hoosier Chick said...

The people who were camping out for the Twilight premiere on surface seemed to be ultra creeptastic. I can't remember loving something so much that I'd sleep outside for days for it.


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