Monday, November 21, 2011

When is it Fat and When is it Empowering?

I'm doing my usual blog perusal today and the talk seems to mostly be about what people were wearing or J. Lo humping one of her dancers. Or both. And while that isn't all that unusual, what killed me is that varying reactions to Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera.

Both are bootylicious right now, but one is being heralded as a brave, sultry "Jessica Rabbit" figure and the other is a bandage-dress wearing fat drag queen. So, why is it that two women (and they're both adults) are getting such vastly different reactions for being roughly the same size? Is it because Kelly Clarkson said "fuck it" a long time ago and just admitted that her weight would go up and down so deal with it? Or is it because we got used to seeing Christina Aguilera as a skinny chick even after she was preggers? Or is it because Clarkson is nice and Aguilera is a known bitch?

I wish I had answers. Frankly, I think Aguilera looks bad in the dress. The Genie went out of her bottle a long time ago and there's no amount of Spanx or hair gel that's going to change that. She's 30. She should dress like she's 30 and not the 16 year old we all met when she first burst on to the scene. And that's okay. We like pop stars that age gracefully (note to J. Lo: That does not mean wearing booty shorts and leotards and dancing around Fiats). Also, I find the whole look wreaking of Snooki.

Who do you think looked better? Or maybe the better question in all of this isn't at all about who looked better, but who sounded better?

Or (she comes in at 2:16)

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