Sunday, November 27, 2011

Making Use of Extra Time

My babies, all lined up for my viewing
I've spent a good portion of my holiday time off doing what a girl should: watching football, eating, shopping and lounging. Throw in some Chef time and a plethora of old chick flicks and BAM! You've got a nice time.

You might wonder how I'm able to watch so much football with Chef around, as he's not so much of a football fan. We've worked this out. When I'm itching to watch some pigskin, I ask him "Do you want to play Skyrim (an elaborate Xbox game)?" He shrugs as I'm sure he'd rather us hang out together, but he knows this is a cue and goodnaturedly says "Sure, I could play some."

Still stuffed, but at least organized.
And because he's nice to do this, I give him the big TV and watch in the bedroom. Because I can't just sit here and watch TV (I have to multi-task),  I've been really productive. Cleaned out my closet, organized my shoes, and in the process fell back in love with some of my clothes. I've got a lot (see the picture) and because of my weight loss this last year (I've lost about 26 pounds since moving to LA) and my adapting my style a little to the laid back LA scene, there's some things I didn't love any more. Large oxfords that I used to wear over leggings and with boots, blousey shirts that have no shape, pants that are way too big.

Cheering on the Colts while
doing my hair. For no real
So what do you do when you're in between sizes? I invested in some belts to cinch in the shirts and provide some shape. I also got some form-fitting tank tops to wear underneath jackets. I subscribe (right or wrong) to the one tight, one loose school of fashion. Meaning that if my top is tight, my pants or skirt it loose and if my pants are skinny, then my shirt is looser. Mostly because I have flabby stomach and where the top and bottom meets needs to have some ability for camouflage. What's your style philosophy? I kind of wish I could just post pictures of my clothes, shoes and accessories, and then have some someone make new outfits for me. Is there a service out there like it?

Anyway, here are some pictures of my toiling. Clean(ish) closet, organized shoes and check out orange check jacket and blue sweater I got yesterday at Goodwill. (Another way to expand the wardrobe between sizes!). What's the best consignment store/Goodwill find you've ever had?


Misty said...

I believe the service that can put together outfits is called Renee Ordonez.

Julie Anne said...

I like your comment Misty. I can't remember, but doesn't she do it by color?
Ashley, for some reason the picture of you in the rollers makes me miss you even more. Someday soon, we will come visit!!!! LOVES


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