Saturday, November 12, 2011

LA Shopping: Bra Hunt Edition

The street outside the mall
I have to admit that there were several times this past week when I was wondering why the hell I live so far away from my work. Mainly on Thursday night when for no apparent reason (other than it was a holiday the next day) traffic was out of control. And by out of control, I mean that a trip that takes about 48 minutes without traffic took me 2 hours and 54 minutes door to door (with a bathroom break and a fill up along the way). Those are nights that suck.

Today's bounty
But then I go out today to make sure that I'm taking advantage of living in the city that it takes me so long to get to on weeknights. I decided to test it by going bra-shopping. During my time in Nashville, I never found a place that I could easily buy bras (remember the last time?). It's a fairly big city, but even so I had the same problems that I had in Evansville. Not a lot of selection and the people fitting me were all giving me different sizes.

So, today I went to a place that was listed in an article in the LA Times highlighting specialty bra-fitting. Typically, I go in, get measured, and then the salesperson brings a bunch of bras. None look good and they discover that my boobs are bigger than they thought and have to bring me some things that look like ACE bandage wrapped around chicken wire and feels about as nice. I typically am lucky to find ONE bra that fits and they never have any additional colors or matching anything.

The exasperation in hour
two of my Thursday
Today's experience was the same, but completely different. Instead of measuring me, she made me take a questionaire about why I was in, my bra needs, etc. Then we looked at my current fit and then she brought in some bras for me to try on. The first round didn't fit. She had me in the second one before saying "Wow. You're bigger than I thought." I just looked at her and said "I get that a lot."

She came back with another armload in various colors and styles. The difference was that they all fit. I had to actually narrow down the choices to find the right ones. It was amazing! I left with three bras and a new love. The fitting specialist put me in the system so that what I bought and my size are now available at the store. "If you want to just call me on your way in, I can pull some styles and sizes for you and have them waiting next time." HELLO?!?! That is amazing.

The place is called {intimacy} and is a chain, but not widely available. If you're hard or even easy to fit, but want a good bra experience, check them out. I know I'll be going back. Not only that, it is at one of three malls that are within 10 minutes of my house. If you want to spend money in LA, there are plenty of places that will take it from you.

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