Friday, November 04, 2011

Charleston Love

Can you hear me over
this shirt?
I adore this place. It is super cute, has great shopping and a plethora of local restaurants. What's not to love?

I was up super early for a 7 am breakfast meeting, hit the conference at 8, had 9:30 and noon meetings and then about collapsed. But instead of collapsing, I went to the local AHA office and dropped in on a former business friend who got a job at the AHA in Charleston. It was fun to surprise her. I then spent my lunch hour wandering around downtown. There's something very cool about shopping in local boutiques. The neat thing was seeing a lot of cute stuff. Sadly living in LA now means that I actually have access to a lot of those brands.

I did fall in love twice but both were winter coats. I don't know if it was a subconscious nod to being cold or if I really liked them. Either way, I have a winter coat that I never took out of the closet last year so I'm not investing in another one until absolutely necessary. I also saw the ugliest shirt in existence which is pictured.

Hit the same place for dinner tonight that i went to on Wednesday. I probably should've hung out with coworkers but I've been sneezing for the last three hours so I'm afraid I'm either getting sick or having a fall In the south allergy attack (which I did not miss).

And now my hotel Internet isn't working so I'm relegated to blogging on my phone and watching football on a fuzzy ESPN. The only channel I want to watch is the one with snow. Oh well! Back in LA tomorrow!

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