Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's Your "Go To" Office Greeting?

The hallways are long where I work and sometimes you get caught in that awkward situation where you and someone else are on the opposite ends and forced to make eye contact for an abnormal amount of time. It's like the world's most mundane runway show. I've noticed a few things:
  • People will look at nearly anything else to avoid making eye contact on most occasions. This is not a slight or does not mean they don't like you. Typically it means that they are on a mission that got them up from their desk (like a bathroom break, more coffee or actual work) and they would like to accomplish that mission as soon as possible. 
  • Having a TV on the wall of the hallway is a great way to give people something to look at without having to look at each other. I've caught so many glimpses of stories on my way back from the bathroom that it's ridiculous.
  • It seems a little anti-social to not give SOME sort of a greeting in the hall, so I've come to rely on a few which are demonstrated in the video below. 
    • The double gun: because sometimes one gun isn't enough.
    • The double (or single) gun and wink: if you're really special, I'll throw in that click sound for good measure.
    • The half-ass salute: I honestly don't know where or when this started making its way into my greetings, but it's there and without conscious effort, it will stay there. Anyway, isn't an acknowledgement okay without being conscious?
  • The talk and run: If for some reason, I've made eye contact, acknowledged someone and still feel the need to have a conversation, this conversation typically happens on the run. And I used to think it was just me being rude and say "How're you this morning?" while not breaking stride to stop and listen to the answer, but then I realized that people weren't breaking stride to give their answer. "Fine, thanks, and you?" would be uttered as the two of us walked in opposite directions. I was happy that I wasn't the only offender on this one.
I don't know why I do these things as I would like to think that outside the office, I wouldn't do them, right? What annoying work habits have you picked up? Do you have a "go to" greeting?


Misty said...

a.) Those bangs are fierce.

b.) I just cringed at all three of your go-to greetings.

c.) But at least your bangs are fierce.

I make eye contact, give a half smile/half grin, and a slightly tilted head nod. I hope that reads: I'm acknowledging you, How are you?, and No, I don't want to talk right now but should you need me I've just given you a smile so that clearly means I'm (somewhat) available.


Hoosier Chick said...

Do you raise your eyebrows with the head tilt? I can that the "eyebrow smile".


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