Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Hero: Chef's Adventure

Chef's hand and the little
dog's snout.
You know when you get a text or voicemail that is only part of a story, and you're like "What?". That's what I got today when I got a message from Chef that read "On way to vet with a dog that was hit by a car." I read that little gem and thought "What the what?".

He sent me the picture posted and then called me back later. That's when I got the whole story. Chef was walking to the mailbox on the corner when he witnessed a car hit a small dog and then the car drove off. The dog stumbled around in traffic and finally a few cars stopped. Chef got in there and scooped up the little guy while a lady who had stopped tried to find a service to come get the dog.

They weren't able to find any and the lady (who didn't hit the dog, but just stopped) was getting hysterical, so Chef offered up our vet down the street. He took the dog there, but since neither would claim responsibility financially and the dog wasn't in iminent danger of dying, the vet just offered up a list of places that would take the dog. Apparently it had a chip, but the owners hadn't registered it so that wasn't helpful.

The place that could take the dog was going to close in 30 minutes and was a ways away. The lady had already told Chef about her busy day and was complaining, so he offered to walk back to our place so the lady had no excuses.

So for the sake of a dog's health, my husband did what others didn't. He stopped and helped and then walked about 2 miles back so that the dog could get help. I love that about Chef. It's one of many reasons that I married him. He often does what others won't and he's very caring--be it people or animals. He's planning on making a flyer so that any owner knows that the dog is now at a place about 10 miles away.

I'm a lucky girl. That was a lucky dog.

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