Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Time for A Style Update

Not a perfect dress, but I
love the color and
the matching coat behind it.
As I was walking around Charleston and surrounded by librarians, I came to the realization that my style needs an update. At the very least some new pieces to add. What prompted this?

It was evident that walking around Charleston I felt pretty up to date, but also a little formal. And formality certainly fits in in the South, the East and the Midwest. It is a little out of place, however, in LA. I remember how I resisted changing my style in the past. When I went from a support position to a manager's position, I was loathe to buy suits and proper "work" wardrobe. But when I did, I was taken more seriously. When I moved to the south, I hesitated on adding some girly touches to my attire, the pearls, scarves, etc. But then again, when I did, I fit in more.

So, I think it's time to stop bucking the style and update what I'm wearing to more readily match Southern California. It's pretty easy to understand: people like hanging out with people who seem like them. And wardrobe is the quickest way to make that connection--even quicker than race or ethnicity.

So, I think I wanna get a little more feminine and a little more vintage-y. I LOVE Zooey Deschanel's clothes (for the most part) and she's cute as a button on New Girl. I've found a few web sites that have this kind of clothing (,, modcloth, Anthropologie, etc). Now I want to lose a few more pounds to feel secure in sizing fitting me properly and I'm going to use that as a goal.

Got any fun fashion ideas or web sites for me?

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Julie Anne said...

You are on the right path with ModCloth. Try some thrift stores, unless those give you the skivvies. Post some pics as you get some new stuff!


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