Monday, November 28, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Been A Year

The Office at the end of Moving Day
last year
I know that I've started a few blog entries this way, but I think this one really does warrant some reflection. A year ago today Chef and I FINALLY made it to Los Angeles and our new apartment after a week long journey by Penske truck and Sentra (with the cats) across the country. 

Can you believe we've lived here for a year already? I have a hard time looking at these pictures of a clean, uncluttered apartment and feeling like our apartment isn't the only thing bursting at the seams now--life kinda is too (in a good way). In our year in LA, we've found jobs, adjusted (or rather put up with) traffic and commuting, discovered a few new dining favorites, gotten new furniture, found doctors and a vet, traveled across country (and in my case back a few times), learned our way around (Thanks Garmin!) and, oh yeah, gotten married. 
Back when the kitchen was organized.
This year has been crazy nuts in a good way and I think I can speak for us both when we say that we're so glad that we made the leap. I miss my friends in Nashville and I being so close to my family, but I've loved the adventure we've had so far in California. I think everyone should move far away at least once in their life, but that's just me. I'm thinking maybe next time we need to move out of the country. Of course, California is a lot different and it's kind of like moving out of the country, but not quite.It's how I imagine Canada would feel. Except warmer and with some diversity.

I said it before and I'll say it again: I love LA. 

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