Sunday, November 13, 2011

"My I Don't Have to Run-Day"

Mila hanging out before falling asleep.
Sundays are pretty awesome in general, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be super awesome--borderline double awesome. Here are some brief notes and some pictures to explain why this Sunday will rock:

  • Had my best elliptical 5K time ever at 23 minutes, 44 seconds. Not too shabby.
  • I'm an optimist, and while I'm in the bedroom watching football on mute (Bills vs. Cowboys and Falcons vs. Saints), I'm also listening to the Colts game. I think this might be the Colts week. (Chef is in the living room playing Skyrim).
  • After the game is over, Chef and I will begin our Harry Potter extravaganza. All 8 movies are lined up and ready to go. We've got Carne Asada cooking in the crock pot and a plethora of candy waiting for us to consume in a Potter-craze.
  • Genghis before leaving to hang
    with Chef.
  • Being in the bedroom means that I get to hang out on the bed with some cats. Genghis even makes an appearance every once in a while before scurrying back to Chef.
Just was I was finishing up this list, Chef yelled to me "I guess you're having to listen to the game? It's not on?". "No, it's not on, but I'm listening to it and watching two others." He waited a beat and then said "Not too shabby a life, is it?"

That's it indeed. It's a great life.

Candy (from left to right): White chocolate macadamia cookies, candy corn, chewy Sweet Tarts, Cherry Twizzler Nibs,
Grape Nerds. (not pictured: skinny cow chocolate clusters, chocolate chunk cookies and sugar cookies with icing)
Pretzel M & Ms
Carne Asada filling the apartment with the savory smell of deliciousness.

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