Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ding Dong, the Psoriasis is Gone!

Yesterday I had my one month check up at my new dermatologist (who is awesome). He brought me in to check my progress and he was as happy as I've been!! My patches of psoriasis on my elbows, legs and ears have all cleared up. The skin is a little red, but there are no plagues or giant skin flakes. Both of which are great improvements.

My dermatologist told me that he brought me in because if I'd have improved as much as he hoped I had, I needed to discontinue my ointments. Yay! I had passed the test, so instead of slathering on three different kinds of thick ointments on various body parts, I get to just use lotion. He told me that vaseline is used as a control in testing for new psoriasis medication and it works in 30 percent of the cases. So until I start to have another break out, some lotion should do the job!

My head is slightly different. (Or I should say, my scalp is slightly different.) It's so covered in hair and thicker than average skin that the psoriasis tends to be more stubborn. My scalp is about 90 percent better, but I'm still supposed to use the foam and oil until it goes away completely and at the first sign of its return.

In the mean time, I'm very very happy. I can show all of my skin again without shame. I can wear black blazers and shirts without it looking like it was snowing outside. I can get up from a meeting without leaving behind a trail of skin flakes. I need to dust off the flakes from my car just to reinforce the big difference. I know it sounds gross, because it is, but I only mention it to emphasize the bad and how good it is now.

If only my hips were at 100 percent. . .

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