Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Scandalous, but juicy

I am in the midst of listening to Kathy Griffin's audiobook, Official Book Club Selection. And I have to give mad props to Anne because she totally called it. While I love Tina Fey and loved Bossypants, I'm loving it less now. Mostly because I realized that she didn't really reveal anything about herself or any good dish. While Kathy does toe the line some times on not divulging too much (she holds back during the talk show ban section but she explains that its because she's still trying to get on these talk shows), she tells WAY more about herself, her family and her life than Tina did.

And Kathy actually does the voice work on the audiobook, which is a lot like her stand up. I actually can't tell if she's reading the book or just using it a jumping off point for other stories to throw in there. Either way, it's a hoot and worth the listen. If Confessions of a Prairie Bitch is as good, I'm gonna be a happy camper.
  • Pages of fiction read: 192
  • Fiction read:- Finished up Big Girl Small. and reluctantly began State of Wonder while trying to block out my Ann Patchett experience
  • Fiction listened to via audiobook: Finished Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman (not a big fan of it in the end) and started Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin (see above)
  • Creative writing every day: yes
  • Five pages written: Yes. And I might be on to something. Either way, juices are flowing.
  • Calorie tracking: Had one day over my calorie allotment, but I was way under on my weekly average
  • Exercise:Yup. Two-a-days intact.
  • Friends and family: Couple calls, a few texts and one email
  • Weight Loss: Down 1 lbs. Only 2 more before my pedicure. Although my talons are getting long so I might have to break down early.
Until next week!

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