Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Accomplish Things: Public Shame

If you think that listing your goals on the Internet isn't a motivating factor, then you're clearly not doing what I'm doing or are not goal-oriented. I say that because today I was 12 pages from my 100 page per week of fiction goal and carved time out at lunch so I could read those 12 pages before I sat down to blog at my usual time. It means that much to me. I'm going to start listing off random goals that I have deadlines on just so that I can be publicly shamed into hitting them. Feel free to join in the shaming, as long as it's constructive shaming, that is. Who decides what's constructive? I do. That's the trick of it.
  • Pages of fiction read: 100
  • Fiction read:State of Wonder (so far, it's okay)
  • Fiction listened to via audiobook: Finished Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin (loved it!) and started Jennifer Weiner's Fly Away Home (eh so far)
  • Creative writing every day: yes
  • Five pages written: Yes
  • Calorie tracking: Check. Averaged 298 calories under my daily goal.
  • Exercise: 365 minutes of exercise in the last week.
  • Friends and family: Done.
  • Weight Loss: FINALLY!! Hit my 5 lb mark!! Exactly 4 weeks from when I set the goal. Lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks. Hooray! Now I need to schedule my mani-pedi.
My new goal for this few check-ins: I will have my first draft of the short story I'm working on done by August 27th.

Hope everyone else is having a productive week too.

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