Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I wish when I hit a goal that I had a sound bite of a soccer announcer that said "GOOOOAAALLLLL!!!" with enthusiasm. Because that's how I feel when I hit goals, but it seems silly for me to shout like that on my own. So, if anyone has a sound clip of the most ridiculous "GOOOOOOAALLLLL!!!!" call, send it my way.

Until then here's my weekly goal update. Probably more for me and my accountability than anyone else.
  • Pages of fiction read: 143
  • Fiction read: Right in the middle of Big Girl Small.
  • Fiction listened to via audiobook: Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman (only about one more day left!)
  • Creative writing every day: yes
  • Calorie tracking: Done and averaged 324 calories per day UNDER my goal for weight loss.
  • Exercise: Firmly into two-a-days. 30 minutes of cardio in the morning with 25 minutes of toning every night.
  • Friends and family: Called a friend and got an email from a contact who connected me with potential writing help in LA.
  • Weight Loss: Down 0.6 lbs from last week. Just 2.8 lbs from my mani/ pedi. I'm hoping that my efforts are rewarded soon with a chunk of weight coming off because my feet need some pampering.
Over the hump day and coasting to the weekend!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Congrats! I need to set some goals. Then I won't feel soooo.. well.... useless!


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