Monday, August 08, 2011

It's Not Exactly Skid Row

I have little sympathy for rich kids that earn money, lose the money and then can't find real jobs so they're "forced" to live in their wealthy parents' home in Santa Barbara. That's not exactly the stories that make their way to the big screen as "rags to riches" tales.

Such is the case for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag who just did a "We were just kidding" interview in The Daily Beast. Really? That picture of them grocery shopping was staged? Shocker. What really pisses me off is the regrets they have about spending the money they made. They pissed away a million dollars on clothes and bought a blue four wheel truck for a reality TV show shot. Seriously? And they wonder why Heidi might have alienated her middle class family.

The other kicker is that they can't understand why people don't believe them NOW that they were making everything up. They spend about the last five years thinking they were smarter than everyone else because they were in on the joke. They were in on the lies. Except now no one believes they were lying.

It finally makes me feel okay about the fleeting fame of Hollywood. This is one of the rare cases where someone chucks college and acts like an idiot and now can't get work. However, I'm not feeling too sorry for them because they're relegated to living with his parents in Santa Barbara. Not exactly skid row. I do wonder if Heidi's boobs could be repossessed. How would that work?

Is there a reality show or "celebrity" that you wish would fall off the face of the planet? Or at least the radar?


Misty said...

The Kardashians. All of them.

Hoosier Chick said...

Good call.


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