Thursday, August 11, 2011

Public Restroom Habits

When you use public restrooms a lot, be it at work or on the road, you begin to realize there are some habits that are prevalent but really shouldn't be. And those habits typically revolve around the bathroom. Here are just a few of my recently noted obnoxious bathroom behavior:
  • Failure to replace toilet paper rolls: Contrary to popular belief, this isn't just a male problem, as I've recently began experiencing it in the ladies' room. I've now learned that if it's after 4 p.m. and I choose to use the first stall in my office, then I'll more than likely be hobbling to the next stall for some paper.
  • Not washing your hands: Not even the president is too busy to take 30 second out after using the bathroom to wash his hands. You're not too busy either. This is especially gross if the offender touches their hands and/or hair before leaving the sink area.
  • Sitting in the stall next to the occupied stall when there are literally 10 other choices: Observe the every other stall rule at a minimum when the place is relatively empty. The illusion of privacy is shattered as soon as someone coughs or unrolls the toilet paper, so choosing a stall away from others when they're available just helps everyone pretend a little longer.
  • Acting mad if someone in the bathroom is taking a #2: People have varying degrees of comfort doing a deuce away from home base. I get that and am not going to begrudge anyone their opinion. However, I do take offense to people who are shocked or offended that someone is taking a poo in a public bathroom. Where else are they supposed to go? They are doing the right then in the right place. If they've gotten over the potential for embarrassment, then you should let it be. I honestly think it's the shame that prevents women from leaving home base. What makes me say that? you ask. I worked at a large place a long time ago and the lights in the bathroom were out. Everything else worked including the ventilation. During the three hour blackout, that bathroom got more dropped loads than in a normal entire week. The anonymity gave people freedom.
So, that's my list for now. If you would care to see more outrageous (and clean-except in terms of language) bathroom behavior, check this out.


Anonymous said...

What amazes and confuses me about your blog... and keeps me coming back because I am so puzzled and astounded I guess and curious about what you will do next is that you write knowing that people at your work place know you have this blog. I may know this because 1) I work with you or 2) because I read your blog and you mentioned that you were giving your blog address to potential employers when you were applying for jobs. So it's great to write about things like dumps or show a toenail that has fallen off your foot in a semi-professional space? I am just so confused. Or maybe I am old and out of touch.

Hoosier Chick said...

While the lines between personal and professional undoubtedly are blurred in social media, the blog is one area where I feel strongly the line is clear that this is personal. First is that I write it under a pseudonym. If you google my name, this blog does not show up in the search results.

Yes, I include the blog on my resume, as I do my other writing that has been published. This work also covers risque topics, but is published under my actual name.

I hope that if any of my co-workers or superiors are confused or offended by what I write they would talk to me first about it directly, and we could come up with a solution that appeases everyone.

My friends and family, however, know me, and love me. Toenails, bathroom habits and all...


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