Friday, August 12, 2011

Send Out Some Healing Vibes

I got an email from my dad this morning first saying that his phone had wiped out his contact information. . .again. The second point was that my grandma is back in the hospital. He gave me the phone number to call her in her hospital room, so I did. I literally only talked to her for a few seconds because it was very obvious that she couldn't breathe very well. This is one of those times when I hate being so far away.

For those of you who know me, you know that my grandma is a regular blog reader. She's on Facebook. She's got a cool nickname (Naughty Auda--it rhymes). She is one of the truly great women in this world who has inspired so many people. Including me.

One thing that tickles me about her is that she meant so much to my mother that mom took her then-boyfriend to meet her ex-mother-in-law, because she knew that if Auda approved, he was a good guy. (He is and she did approve). Now, that's a great woman to be around.

If you could send your prayers, good wishes, healing vibes or whatever you believe in my grandma's way, it would be greatly appreciated.

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