Sunday, August 07, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Yesterday, we were in Trader Joe's for our usual Saturday shopping excursion and a dude stopped me to say that my outfit was "adorable." I'm fairly certain the dude was straight and it was a pick up (as Chef was in line at the time). Either way I was floating for a while on the compliment of a stranger. And I have to say that I was wearing an adorable outfit. It's a Saturday favorite. GAP navy and pink plaid shirt dress with a ribbon tied around my rib cage to accentuate the skinniest part of my torso and some rose gold flats.

But it was less the outfit and more my feeling lately of being cute. Maybe it's the confidence of having a husband (although frankly he's been my husband in everything but the legal sense for the last 7 years) or the fact that my psoriasis is clearing up nicely (more on that at a later blog post) or that I'm consistently eating better and working out. Whatever it is, I can say that lately when I get ready to go to work in the morning, I feel cute.

My skin has not had a massive break out since I've been in LA. The bangs and red hair are a good combo that's relatively easy to keep up. I'm drinking more water than I have in ages and the addition today of a new Brita will definitely help that. My old Brita pitcher had been a gift from my mother (thereby aging it at LEAST 11 years) when I was in college (which could add a few months or another two years depending).

Here's the thing I find odd. I was expecting to find the plethora of hip, beautiful women in LA to be intimidating and make me cower a little in intimidation. Instead, I've found that while there are quite a few lovely ladies, I can still hold my own to certain extent. And even if I can't, I think I can which really makes all the difference.

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