Thursday, September 08, 2011

Can we agree to pee in toilets please?

There seems to be a strain of people that are peeing in completely unreasonable places. Namely airplanes. And not in the bathrooms.

Look, I of all people know its hard to hold it. I specifically have aisle seats on long flights so that I don't have to crawl over people for the bathroom. I even had my first outdoor pee in forever while on a long drive, but I had napkins and a heavy underbrush to shield me.

The same could not be said of Gerard Depardieu, who peed on the floor of a plane on recently. Or US Ski team hopeful, Robert Vietze, who peed on a flight, but also on an underage girl. I know the bathrooms are not the most spacious, but they do have some essential toilets.

What's up with this, people?

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