Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes Guys Can't Write Women

It's been a week since the series finale of Entourage and it took that long for me to really think about what bugged me about it. I've liked the show for a while and it's probably because I'm part dude. Not literally, but I've never been exceptionally over-feminine. I like make up, looking pretty and baking, but I also love nearly all sports, hate throwing parties, and can't stand the usual BS that comes with interacting with a lot of women.

But in the end, it was being a woman that bugged me most about Entourage. I can get over the hordes of women throwing themselves at a celebrity, as I've seen it happen on a much smaller scale. It was two things:

  • Sloan and Eric: He sleeps with her former stepmother, knocks her up and her family hates him, but she can forgive him enough to run away with him in the end? I know he's the father of her unborn kid and all, but it seems like a little stretch. What mostly got me is that all the important scenes that happen between the two characters (breaking up, making up, etc) are either cut off by the end of the episodes are aren't shown on screen. There are few pivotal scenes that are actually shown. It could be that the actors aren't strong enough to pull it off, but honestly, I'm thinking the two male writers don't really know how to pull that scene off.
  • Sophia and Vince: Seriously, Vince gets married to a chick he meets for a couple of hours? I actually might believe that because his character is so weird. But how am I supposed to buy that a serious "journalist" who went to Oxford and has a "i don't date actors" moral belief throws everything away to run away with a nice, but dumb actor? Entourage did not sell me on that at all. Mostly because We see NOTHING of their relationship together. Just her saying no and then all of a sudden we're seeing her show up on a plane to elope. Not believable.
I realize that this show is about the relationship of dudes in Hollywood. The finale should've been about the relationship of dudes in Hollywood. When they bring the women in, it just rings false.

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