Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How is Footloose gonna work?

I'm personally a little tired of remakes of 80s movies. Mostly because they don't change a damn thing about the movie except the cast and expect us to buy it. Lately I've been seeing the Footloose ads everywhere and I'm a little concerned. Is it because I can't imagine anyone playing Ren McCormack other than Kevin Bacon? Or that remaking a movie seems like a bad idea when you don't change anything (except the women get sluttier dance moves and fewer clothes)?

Mostly it's because I'M NOT BUYING IT. It was hard enough to swallow the idea of a town that banned music and dancing in 1984. It's damn near impossible to believe it would happen in 2011. And if they push the date of the movie back to the 80s it goes back to my "Why the hell?" theory.

If you're going to do a remake of something, make it contemporary. Change it up. Don't get tied to the iconography of the original. Or better yet. . .Be original. Easy A is an example of something loosely based of a historic novel (The Scarlet Letter). It's updated, it's not literal and it's pretty well done.

People my age will not go see Footloose because we prefer our Ariel to be wearing godawful sweaters with red cowboy boots and skintight jean. And young people aren't going to see it because they didn't see FAME or the Hairspray remake or any other godawful thing that's been thrown at them as "new" or "updated" lately.

Save the money. Watch the Julianne Hough Pro Activ commercial and rent the original Footloose.

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