Friday, September 30, 2011

A Promise Kept and a Burgeoning Girl Group

Every now and then, I like to take a picture that someone else has posted and comment on it for defense or just for fun. This is one of those posts.

I'm about 18 years old and my friend Amanda says "I want you and Anne to sing at my wedding. Will you do it?"

Anne and I said yes because 1) we were 18-ish years old and didn't foresee anyone of us getting married any time in the near future, and 2) Amanda was our best friend.

Fast forward about 3 years later, that promise and a late night that may or may not have been influenced by cocktails spurred this picture. Taken in 2000, it is Amanda's wedding Anne, far left, and I had already kicked off Amanda's rocking Karaoke reception (which was hands down the most fun I've EVER had at a wedding reception) with the classic ballad "Almost Paradise" from Footloose (which I HOPE and pray they don't remake for the movie remake next month).

This picture was the very next ditty which was "I Think We're Alone Now" (the Tiffany version) sung by our girl group, Royale with Cheese (two points if you're NOT in the picture and get that reference). At this point in my entertainment career, I had not only mastered singing, but interpretative dance. And on the aforementioned night of inbibing had convinced Brooke and Lara to join Amanda, Anne and I in performing this masterpiece for Amanda and Ryan's wedding guests.

All of us in the picture are now married (some with children), but I still think the group needs to make an encore performance. Who's in?

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Veggie Mama said...

You're such a good time!! I love this post!


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