Thursday, September 01, 2011

I'm in Love With Pandora

I'm probably exceptionally late to the party on this one, but Chef has tried and tried again to spark my interest in Pandora. Not the jewelry beads that I don't particularly care for, but the streaming radio app for my iPhone and website and all that jazz.

I've tried using Pandora before and gave up because honestly, it just made me realize how crappy my taste in music is. It's bad enough that my friends know, but the thought of an online service that was crunching what song best went with Taylor Swift and the Backstreet Boys really just made me shamed.

But I found my niche! Not music at all, but comedy. I always loved listening to raw dog radio when I had sirius and was delighted when I found that Pandora had live comedy bits. I typed in Jim Gaffigan and got him, Daniel Tosh, Jerry Seinfeld, Nick Swordson and Louis CK on my way home yesterday. It was awesome. What better drive home than laughter?

Thanks, Chef.

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