Monday, September 05, 2011

Is Jess a Boy or Girl? Burning Questions in Advertising

I have seen the Domino's commercial on many occasions and thought: Is Jess a boy or girl? It takes a few moments before I seem mostly settled that Jess is a girl. Then I think: Why would an ad agency or Domino's put Jess in a commercial if they knew this would be debated? Is that part of the transparency or a ploy?

Either way, I'm still kinda a fan of the idea of putting out good and bad stuff about your product, especially one so bemoaned. As long as there continue to be improvements to the product.

What do you think? Is Jess a boy or a girl?

UPDATE: Chef asked me to think higher on this blog post and not just to pander to the basic question. So, here's the updated call to action:

Did Domino's add Jess to accurately reflect their employee base or was it a ploy to spark debate and appeal to more pizza buyers?

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