Friday, September 09, 2011

What should I torture my cats with?

I was at PetCo today and the kitty costumes were out. I am always tempted by them. See them and think of how cute our little fur babies would be all decked out for trick or treating. I feel like doing it would cross some invisible cat crazy line. My friend Greg says that every pet owner feels the urge to this one time or another. 
"Just give into the urge and do it," he said. "Get it out of your system."

I have still not given in, but I wondered: if I were to choose one of these, which would have the highest likelihood of being kept on longer than a few minutes. The shark fin that goes across the back or the Rasta hat for the head? Hands down, Genghis would be the shark and Khubla, our chill cat, the Rasta. 

Have you ever dressed up your pet? How did that work out?

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