Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh Project Runway, You Do Give Us Divas!

I'm loving Project Runway this season. Mostly because the characters are just outrageous. The casting on this one has been pretty damn good. The clothes--so-so, but the drama has been top notch. Maybe I was just missing the show after what seemed like a long ass hiatus.

But when it came back, BAM!--you give us the latest Diva of all, Joshua. Joshua can take someone cussing and use it to create a full minute tirade. If you know anything about TV editing, you know that the real tirade must have been close to 10 minutes to be dwindled down to that much actual usable footage.

I'm all about honoring dead mothers. I think I've proved that through my blog posts, but this guy makes grieving look like an art form. He's created an outfit in his mother's honor, blamed a tirade on her birthday, and had a crying breakdown on camera in the "confessional" because he couldn't afford to go home to visit her before she died. Did I mention she died two years before he was cast?

"It's the not being able to go home" breakdown that sent me from being sympathetic to being like "come on, dude." If your family wants you home (they were in Austin, TX and he was in NYC), I'm sure someone, somewhere would pitch in for a plane ticket. At the very least a bus ticket. If you want and need to go somewhere, there's always a way.

Second, instead of using that guilt for something, his argument was that he had better make it further on Project Runway to make the pain of not being able to go home worth it. (He said he was in NYC for his career and that he was bartending to make money, but couldn't use that money to get to Austin? Also, his bio lists a stint in Italy where he was doing design work. You can get to Italy but not Austin? How does that work?). I started feeling very manipulated by this guy. But I'm sure not I'm not alone on this and I'm positive Project Runway loves it.

Hate equals ratings and I'm still watching.

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