Saturday, October 01, 2011

Notable Things from September

from @andrewchen blog
I know that I concentrate on my goals every week and I'm proud of that, but what does those weekly goals add up to? Well, I've noticed a few things last month that made me proud, so I thought I'd share. Here are a few of them:
  • I'm only 4 lbs away from my lowest weight EVER (since the age of 14-yes, 14)
  • My skinny jeans are looking good again. I wore them yesterday and didn't have trouble breathing or standing muffin top. (Who out there doesn't have some sitting muffin top? I ask you this in all seriousness. I think even models have a slight fold of skin when they bend in two, right?)
  • My clothes are looking way too big. And when does someone NOT like to buy new clothes? Not that I have yet, because I'm waiting until I'm lower than my lowest. I still have some clothes from the back of the closet that I need to bust out.
  • My "hack around" shorts, the shorts I put on when I change out of my work clothes but before bed, are so big that I have to really use the drawstring to keep them up, not just use it for show.
  • I topped my own record from last month for most blog posts in a month. Previous record was 24 and I got 25 in. Not too shabby.
  • I also topped my most blog posts in a YEAR--beating out the first year that I started this blog. I guess California makes me want to share more or I'm prioritizing blogging more. Either way, I'm happy to keep on, keeping on.
  • I feel happy about my novel and am less attached. These are both good things. I'm able to move things around and cut things with little internal debate. It's actually fun!
I'm sure October will be even better! Any big goals that you have coming up or completed?

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