Saturday, October 08, 2011

Can I be a Vegetarian for a Week?

I'm feeling the need to try and shake things up a little. I tried earlier this week when I was determined to start running again. That was probably not a good idea. I woke up this morning with sore, tight ankles and a tight knee. I also had the hip issue again.

I also woke up feeling weird. I got on the elliptical, got about 10 minutes in and it seemed immensely harder than usual. Not that I was exerting myself particularly hard, but I also couldn't kick it into high gear. It took everything I had to finish my hour and peel myself off. I also felt the need to do nothing today. We still went to the grocery, and I made black bean burgers for  myself for lunch, but I don't plan on doing much more. I also feel the need to stuff my pie hole with, well, anything.

So lazy, not wanting to exercise and the urge to eat too much, I guess that's not so unusual.

But that made me think: Could I purposely be a vegetarian for a week? I've accidentally been a vegetarian for a few days, but never made the conscious effort.  I think I could do it, but I want to do it without reverting to eating tons of cheese and bread. It's not for any political reasons or even for a permanent lifestyle change. Mostly just for the challenge.

What kind of meal ideas do you have for vegetarian entrees?


Misty said...

Okay, I realize that making two consecutive comments makes me a tad creepy, but shit, you asked so I answered:

Always in my family's weekly rotation. Instead of store-bought tortilla chips I make my own in the oven with a little sea salt and evoo.

Additionally, has a ton of other delicious veg recipes. From my experience, anything four or more stars if the bees knees.

Hoosier Chick said...

Thanks again, Misty! Leave as many comments as you like when they contain good stuff!!!


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