Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Who takes their political advice from Hank Williams, Jr?

There was no "Are you ready for some football?" on last night's game between the Bucs and Colts (which made me cry but not because of the lack of song, but the end result). If it wasn't pointed out, would you really notice?

Hank Williams Jr's song was not played by ESPN because he made some ridiculous comments saying that Obama playing golf recently with GOP House Speaker John A. Boehner was like Hitler doing so with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It's not only a bad analogy because it mentions Hitler (rule of thumb: mention Hitler or the Holocaust in your analogy and it's a bad analogy), but it didn't even really make sense. It brings me to my larger point. There are two things that I don't look to celebrities for: sports advice and political opinions.

I don't care what Madonna thinks about our natural resources or Ben Affleck feels about labor unions. I encourage celebrities as US citizens (Madonna is still a US citizen right? The fake British accent didn't affect her citizenship, right?) to voice their opinions and take action. I even realize that as celebrities those opinions will automatically get more attention because they have access to a larger platform.

My problem is with people who hear celebrity's opinion and think "Damn! Let's make that celebrity president because they are SO right." Slow your roll. That celebrity probably has a high school education and I prefer my leaders to be smarter than I am. If I can predict that Battlefield: Earth was going to be a flop but John Travolta couldn't see it coming, then I don't want him as an elected official.

I don't blame ESPN for pulling the song and I'm okay if they keep it off the air from here on out. Not because Williams said something inappropriate but because the song doesn't add a darn thing to my Monday Night Football watching experience. Until the day comes that celebrities stop saying stupid things or skinny women dancing to horrible football related songs (talking to you, too, Faith Hill and the horrible "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" song), can we just make a pact as a people to ignore them both?

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