Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making an Event of Sunday Night

Not pictured: Gummy bears and
gummy worms that I already ate.
Am I the only one wondering what to watch when tonight? The Colts play on Sunday Night Football. The Cardinals are in the World Series. Boardwalk Empire is starting to head up and last week's episode of The Walking Dead was a cliffhanger. Oh, and I almost forgot that Dexter is back too. What to do?

I only wish there were actually some shows on Monday night that I cared to watch because that would help alleviate our cramped Sunday night schedule. But I guess that's why DVRs were invented. Actually, I bet they were invented to make someone a tidy profit (which I hope they have) but you get what I mean.

Anyway, Chef had the great idea last week of making our TV watching more of an event. We have a great TV and a good sound set up, so TV viewing  in our house is better than going to the movies (although we've been doing that a lot more in LA too). So, instead of me sitting with my phone on my lap checking other sports scores or Facebook, we turn out the lights, grab some movie theater candy and watch our most engrossing shows. Clearly we don't do this every night because my waistline couldn't take it. But Sunday nights and Thursday nights (for a taped episode of American Horror Story).

The picture was evidence from our latest Ralph's expedition. It's our candy stash. I'm hoping it will last all week, but there were a bag of gummy worms and a bag of gummy bears that are now in my tummy. Mmmm. Sugar highs are nice. I think Chef was on to something . . .

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