Monday, October 31, 2011

They Take Halloween Seriously in LA

Cubicles decorated as a mining town.
When you work in an office with 30 people and most are women and more have external meetings on Halloween, you don't tend to celebrate the holiday a whole lot at work. Some candy. Maybe some fun ears. But that's about it.

However, when you work at a place with 300 other people and its within spitting distance of a town known for over-the-top theatrics, you get a Halloween experience on a whole different level. There were two large decorated areas on my floor. The pictures were from one of them that had a "Prospecting" theme. The other one was a  Hollywood Horrors theme. Both included employees who were thematically costumed.

There was a large Halloween party in the warehouse which sounded like fun. The only problem was that being behind a few days in work meant that I couldn't join in. However, I could explain to the person I was conducting a phone interview with why there was screaming intermittently and music. (There was a haunted house in the open warehouse space).

And I'm missing this year (but will probably try to go to next year) one of the nation's largest Halloween parties in West Hollywood. Half a million people crammed down there. Craziness.

I've never been big into Halloween. Never felt more comfortable in a costume than I do in my own skin. I actually have no idea what I'd even dress up as and the pressure of figuring that out makes me just concede to being me. Not such a bad person to be.

What are you dressed up as? What was your favorite Halloween costume?

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