Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm not a pawn in that game, Walgreens

I went to pick up my prescription at Walgreens the other day. It was a fun activity in the first place because I was standing behind two Eastern European hookers in line. I knew they were Eastern European because of their accents. I assumed they were hookers because of their clothing choices (tight pants that were ruched up the butt crack with a lace thong whale tail that was less than clean poking out) and because they asked the pharmacist for penicillin and female condoms.

When it was my turn, I got my prescription and was told that I needed to have a consult with the pharmacist. I was a a little confused as I was picking up a refill that I've had refilled so many times it seems like a hassle to even pick it up.  I waited for a few more minutes and then was told by the pharmacist that starting in 2012, Walgreens will "no longer be taking Express Scripts." Like the good healthcare consumer that I am, I said "What's Express Scripts?". It turns out it's the technical name for my insurance. Who'd have known? Clearly I didn't. Thought it was some kind of Walgreen's service or something.

Anyway, at this point, she told me that Walgreens and the insurance provider are having issues over something or another and if I wanted to do something, I could ask my HR department to change insurance. She then proceeded to ask me for my work email so that she could send me something I could forward on to my HR department. WHAT?!?!? Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy to ask a COMPANY of MANY people to change their INSURANCE plan so that I can keep going to Walgreens? Wouldn't the more sensible thing be to just take my prescriptions to the Rite Aid that I passed to get to the Walgreens? Or better yet, how about Walgreens and the insurance company to work out their differences without resorting to a siege of emails on our poor HR department?

Sorry, Walgreens. I'm not going to be a little pawn in that game. If you don't want to work something out, then it looks like Ralph's is becoming my one-stop shop.

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