Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Need Some Help From You-- yeah, You, please!

Am I the only one who thinks these shoes
have a,  um,  "Georgia O'Keefe" quality to them?
I've been stuck in many ruts lately. Not cooking. Not cleaning. Not writing enough. Not doing much of anything or at least doing anything well. One of those ruts is what I wear every day. I'm getting pretty boring. Usually wear the same outfit combos (some of which are combos that I came up with years ago) and some fun shoes.

I am bored with my closet, but too cheap to buy new clothes when I feel like I'm going to be losing more weight. I have a fair amount of clothes that are currently my correct size and actually fit. And by fair amount, I mean about five shirts/ blouses, two pairs of pants, two pairs of jeans, one skit and three dresses. Everything else is either just slightly too big or WAY too big. The kicker is that that includes my belts, which are too lose and have elastic so cutting another belt loop isn't an option.

All of that is beside the point because even if I were to have my entire wardrobe fit properly, it would still bore the hell out of me. When did I get so boring?? I need help!! PLEASE, for the sake of my sanity, help me out by  sharing with me any or all of the following:

  • Cheap clothing or accessory web sites or stores (especially hidden gems)
  • Any budget fashionista-type blogs for inspiration
  • Any looks that can actually be worn to a legitimate workplace without being mocked for being ridiculous
  • Looks that COULD be laughed at for being ridiculous because on second thought, I might try them
  • Tips or advice for how you've freshened up your closet or look
  • The least practical-seeming thing you ever bought but ended up loving (For example, I used to only buy shoes that were black or brown because they matched everything in my closet. Now, not so much--colored or interesting shoes only, please).
  • Any trends you're thinking of trying (Are booties silly or cute? I can't decide on this one)
Thank you, in advance!

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