Friday, October 07, 2011

Too Old for Treadmills

This is clearly not me.
Okay, maybe I'm not too old as there are lots of people older than I am that are running on treadmills at this very moment (or at least I assume there are). I guess I should say that I'm too decrepit.

Last night I decided that it was time to up the ante on my workouts again so I could sweat. I read a nice article on heart rates and keeping them high, so I thought that I needed to try running again. I always push myself harder when there's a fear of falling flat on my face and skidding off the back of something rather than just stopping with the elliptical.

This didn't work because I ran the whole 30 minutes, but my hips have hurt like a son of a bitch all day. I guess it's back to the elliptical for me. Anybody out there got a challenging elliptical workout for me??


Misty said...

1.) Google "pre-run stretching" and make sure you stretch a LOT before you run.

2.) Running WILL burn a ton more of calories over the eliptical. I did daily 30 min. sessions on the elipitical for three months and lost 23 lbs., then lost 40 more the following three months when I started running the exact same amount of time.

3.) For a 28 minute workout on the eliptical, do 4 minutes as hard as you absolutely can and then 4 minutes with half of the first resistance. Flip-flop back and forth for the entire duration. You'll burn more fat by skyrocketing your heartrate, bringing it back down, and repeating more than just going balls-to-the-walls the entire time.

Hoosier Chick said...

Thanks! I'll give those a whirl.


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